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The Largest Crypto Exhibition and International Blockchain Forum in Europe

On March 27 and March 28, 2018, the international blockchain forum #DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT and a large-scale “Crypto Exhibition” took place at the expo center in the Moscow International Business Center (MIBC).

DeCenter together with CryptoEvent organized the most massive forum in Russia and Europe, which gathered thousands of blockchain specialists, miners, managers of ICO projects, economists, and cryptocurrency experts from 20 countries around the world to get exposure to the latest innovations and blockchain developments, as well as hear from the recognized industry experts from Europe, the USA, Russia, and other states. Three halls hosted more than 60 speakers from across the globe—the USA, China, Malaysia, Europe, and Russia. The halls were divided based on the topic covered:

  • Main hall. Investing in ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Delving into the world of cryptocurrency and investment;
  • ICO hall. For those planning to conduct an ICO (marketing, security, legal, etc.);
  • Technology hall. For IT and startup blockchain specialists.

The top-notch practitioners spoke about what it is better to invest in and how to make money in the cryptocurrency and ICO markets.

The “Crypto Exhibition” amassed over 100 companies—mining equipment suppliers, ICOs, investment funds, blockchain platforms, crypto exchanges, services for trading, consulting and marketing agencies, and many other organizations in the field.

Among the largest blockchain forum’s participants were:

  • German Klimenko, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet development;
  • Boris Akimov, CEO at LavkaLavka and BioCoin;
  • Karl Eckstein, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Switzerland;
  • Dmitry Marinichev, CEO at Russian Miner Coin and Russia's Internet ombudsman;
  • Elina Sidorenko, head of the State Duma’s working group assessing the risks of turnover in cryptocurrency;
  • Alexander Kokhanovskyy, CEO and founder at DreamTeam;
  • Valery Migirov (Israel), vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Negev;
  • Oleg Ivanov, representative of the international cryptocurrency venture fund CryptoBazar Fund;
  • Vladimir Panchenko, CEO and founder at DMarket;

And many others. The full program of the international blockchain forum #DECENTER CRYPTOEVENT and the “Crypto Exhibition” can be found here: