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Professional Conference for Blockchain Engineers

On February 26 and February 27 this year, the professional conference for blockchain engineers DeCenter TokenConf was held in Infospace.

The TokenConf conference was focused exclusively on the progress and latest advances in the blockchain technology—no ICO, mining, marketing, or legal support topics were featured. The 20 best speakers made presentations on the architecture and security of the blockchain platforms, the specifics of the development of the projects using the blockchain technology, government regulation, smart contracts integration, and many other fields related to the development and implementation of this innovative technology.

The discussion panel was established so that conference participants could ask blockchain professionals about various aspects of using the blockchain technology in real businesses and projects.

Among the leading speakers were:

  • Artem Barger from IBM, who spoke about the architectural features of the blockchain platforms realized within the open-source Hyperledger framework;
  • Anton Nikonorov from Enecuum, whose presentation was entitled “Scaling Problems. What Is 1 Million Transactions a Second?” and focused on the architecture of decentralized applications and overview of the best practices;
  • Evgeniy Minibaev from Soramitsu Co. told about Iroha, which is one of the private blockchain frameworks written in C++;
  • Boris Kuznetsov from Evrone spoke about the technical features of realization of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain providing a fully decentralized currency exchange based on BTC Relay, as well as hidden vulnerabilities, and how to use trusted oracles in smart contracts;
  • Egor Maslov from reviewed the ideas of a private corporate blockchain and the features of the IBM’s Hyperledger framework. He briefly discussed both advantages and disadvantages of using the framework to perform concrete business tasks and compared the PBFT algorithm to PoW and PoS.

Once the speakers finished their presentations, anyone could ask their questions or talk with the speakers directly about what they were interested in or their own projects.

The conference program
A photo report for conference participants