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Joint Special Project with Waves

The Waves platform has partnered with DeCenter to launch the special project—the News Feed on the latest developments in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and the most promising crowd sales. The News Feed will become the key resource for those willing to keep up with the crypto industry development in general and the Waves ecosystem, which is one of the leading blockchain projects in the market, in part.

Informational articles will become the answers to all key questions related to the development of the crypto market and the further goals of the Waves platform. Hence, investors will receive a unique opportunity to follow the development of Waves and also have access to all necessary information in one place.

The page will provide users with an interactive timeline with easy-to-use infographics, which will enable them to track the dynamics of the development of all products of the ecosystem real-time. This timeline will become the main source of information on the key stages of the project’s development, important collaborations, and technical updates of the platform. The addition of 2018 will allow one to be aware of the events planned by the project.

Waves Ecosystem

The Waves platform, one of the top 10 most successful blockchain projects, was launched by Alexander Ivanov in 2016 with the aim to bring blockchain tokens to the masses.

Waves offers businesses and individuals a wide range of services related to issuing cryptocurrencies, launching blockchain networks, and holding crowdfunding campaigns. In the course of the ICO campaign that was held in April–May 2016, the platform managed to raise 29,445 Bitcoin, which was equivalent to $15.7 million—a record amount for the crypto market at the time.

The ecosystem provides its users with the Waves NG protocol, which is capable of processing about 100 transactions a second; the cryptocurrency wallet Waves Wallet, enabling one to conduct transactions in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, ZCash, as well as dollars and euros; and the LiquidWaves platform, which ensures liquidity of the tokens created on the Waves platform.

The Waves project did also launch DEX, the first decentralized exchange in the crypto market history. It processes about 1,000 transactions per second and allows for trading any pair of cryptocurrencies with no need for an intermediary cryptocurrency; all operations are carried out with the use of the Matcher nodes, which instantly connect sellers and buyers. In December 2017, the Waves Lab blockchain projects incubator was launched to help teams prepare for an ICO and, in some cases, provide financing to them.