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100 Clients Who Raised $1 Billion Through an ICO

In 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, DeCenter’s clients collected about $1 billion during their ICO campaigns. With the information support provided by DeCenter, the following successful blockchain projects managed to attract financing: BitClave, BioCoin, INS Ecosystem, Zen protocol, LAToken, Storiqa, Streamity, Atlant, and many others. The top 3 leading projects alone managed to draw in more than $170 million of investments. They are BankEx, Crypterium, and Naga Coin.


In December last year, a well-known financial IT startup BankEx raised more than $70 million during the ICO campaign. BankEx was founded as an independent fintech laboratory in January 2016 by Igor Khmel, who previously led the fintech laboratory at Sberbank. The BankEx project aims to modernize the existing banking system and equip users with the convenient means of tokenizing traditional tangible and financial assets.

The BankEx platform uses the multifunctional smart contracts to create a single ecosystem of tokenized assets, while the Proof-of-Asset protocol solves the problem of liquidity of non-rotating assets. Thus, each token issued with the use of the protocol is backed by the corresponding asset at the 1 1 ratio. In its very essence, the Proof-of-Asset protocol is a combination of BaaS (Bank-as-a-Service) and the blockchain technology.


Another financial project Crypterium was launched in Estonia in 2017 as the “crypto bank for the new crypto economy.” Crypterium will enable users to conduct cryptocurrency bank operations in any currency and from anywhere in the world. During the ICO, which was concluded in January this year, Crypterium raised over $51 million.

The Crypterium’s main goal is to replace the traditional banks and offer innovative solutions for three directions: payments and money transfers, currency exchange, and crediting. Users of the Crypterium ecosystem will have access to a mobile crypto bank, cryptocurrency acquiring service, the OpenAPI platform, and third-party blockchain integrations. Alongside, the Crypterium crypto bank provides access to the wallets of all three types of cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin, altcoins, and digital assets, as well as ICO tokens of third-party projects.

Naga Coin

n December last year, a German fintech company Naga Group AG held the successful ICO campaign in support of the Naga Coin, a blockchain ecosystem for decentralized trading, investing, education in the field of financial markets, and sale of virtual goods. $50 million was invested in the promising project, making it one of the largest ICO market players.

Naga Coin is a platform for managing digital assets with a built-in crypto wallet Naga Wallet, the Switex blockchain for trading virtual goods, and the Naga Trader social network for stock trading. Users of the Naga platform will be able to manage any digital assets, exchange them, or pay with them. It is worth noting that the project’s key advisers are Roger Ver, founder and CEO at, and Miko Matsumura, Evercoin co-founder.