We help the blockchain projects find their audience and communicate with it.

The DeCenter Agency was founded in 2017 as part of the popular community DeCenter, which at the moment has amassed over 200,000 subscribers with different levels of engagement, from enthusiasts and developers to investors and reporters.

The current objectives of the blockchain projects in the field of communication with the audience can be divided into three parts: find the users and developers, explain them the project’s advantages, and support and develop the relationships.

Our Cases

Each project has its own website, pages on social media networks, and groups in messengers. The question is, how to address that very audience which will not forget about the product once the ICO is finished and first releases are rolled out?

Years of experience and almost 100 clients we have worked with enabled us to create probably the most efficient communication system for the blockchain projects.

It all starts with a story. And who can tell it better than the DeCenter Agency team that consists of 11 reporters, translators, and illustrators?

Content is king.

But when it comes to the blockchain market, this phrase is even more crucial. In such a new field, there are still many nuances and complexities, which should be shown and explained to the prospective users in the right way.

Right content can lay the foundation for further production and promotion. Our own experience of creating and promoting the DeCenter community will always be kept top secret, but it would be a pleasure for us to help you repeat the best tricks. And even do them way better than we did! Our production and promotion teams are able not only to launch promotional websites or special projects and advertise them on the world’s best social media and messaging platforms but also organize and hold the events of various sizes, from a small meetup to a 10,000-people conference lasting several days!

We are often contacted at more early stages, for instance, for marketing consultations (market research, market positioning strategy, forming a unique selling proposition, writing a white paper) and technology advice (blockchains research, prototypes creation, code and system security audit).


Telegram: @dcteam
E-mail: agency@decenter.org